Peekskill is quickly becoming Westchester’s Creative Hub. There are tons of new restaurants… including 2 breweries, a new riverfront park with regular shows and concerts, a thriving art community with city sponsored art lofts, open house studios, major art events, galleries and even a Modern Art Museum. Its also the home of Early Electrics and Radio Guy Antiques. But on Sunday 10/15/17 will be the start of something totally new… Peekskill will kick off the first annual Vintage Grand Prix event.

The Milea Truck and Auto Group Vintage Grand Prix is designed to be a signature event for the Gateway Chamber of Commerce and the entire Hudson Valley region. The PVGP will be the first of many events that will grow to become, Hudson Valley Car Week. The PVGP is not a race. It is not a car show. It is not a rally. It is something very different and something very unique. It is being branded as a “Motoring Event”.

Vintage autos will be given an allotment of time within a certain class of autos to travel around the course which is being laid out to go directly through downtown Peekskill and to pass along the magnificent river front. Cars will be spaced out as they are let onto the course at controlled intervals. This is not a race. There is no timing. There are no trophies. It’s not a competition. It is an opportunity for drivers of these vintage machines to put these cars through their paces unencumbered by street lights and stop signs. And it is a once in a lifetime opportunity for the public to come and watch these magnificent autos do what they were designed to do. DRIVE.

This 3 foot diameter 16 mirror chandler is something we have never seen before. We found this example in Italy and told that it originally was used for scientific experiments with light. In addition The dial on top was for changing and focusing the mirrors. That has been fixed in one position to stabilize the heavy lass mirrors. It has an amazing Steampunk Industrial look like on other. It has been restored and newly wired for standard US bulbs.


70 Pine Street is one of New York City’s Art Deco gems. Important decorative details on this Pre-WWII skyscraper are the monumental sconces over the building entrances. When Rose Associates started restoration they discovered that many of the glass panels were missing or broken. Early Electrics was called in to recreate these large unique frosted glass shades.


The Ross Johnson Drug Co Est.1924… This impressive mortar and pestle leaded glass sign is almost four foot tall with a two foot diameter. The red curved glass panels are reverse painted with frosted letters. The center has impressive sink work with multicolored cut glass jewels. The rest is pebbled glass in a variety of shades from light cream to amber. All the interior lighting has been restored and uses 12 bulbs. The pressed steel bottom panel unscrews to change the bulbs. The inside top is reinforced with a welded steel frame and an open mesh that allows the pestle to be lit. We have this in the shop window and it stops traffic. it’s now on display and for sale at… Early Electrics Gallery, 115 North Water Street, Peekskill NY 10566
Steve Erenberg 914-257-1664

First…. We have a matching pair of these amazing lamps. They are priced individually. You can buy one or the pair. In 10 years we have only owned one other example… now we have 2. They were restored at the same time with matching finishes, wire and sand blasted ribbon glass. They look very impressive together. They did start life as a 1920s X-Ray machine. The head was gutted and the front plate was restored to work as a lamp. The ribbon glass we used is antique as well and custom frosted. The articulated arm was finished in a satin black with brass and aluminum parts polished. The arm extends to over 5 foot fit the front section pulling up or down assisted by brass enclosed springs with a bully and cable assist. All movements are smooth and balanced with only one finger to easily move the lamp where you want. Its complex and elegant at the same time. This is one of my favorite lamps… SOLD

We love this lamp. The scale of it with all the muscular details give the design a beautiful balanced look. All the brass and articulated fittings are extremely well-made and still retain the original patina. Each arm can swing side to side 180 degrees. The inverted milk glass shades are heavy and have a 13.5 inch diameter. It has such a simple and elegant look. The proportions are perfect over a kitchen island… $3200
Now on display at the Early Electrics Gallery, 115 North Water Street, Peekskill NY 10566, 914-257-1664


For weeks we have gotten emails as well as walk-ins to our showroom. Everyone asks if the large head on display outside our building was the one found in the Hudson River a few years ago. It’s NOT the same head… but I must admit there is a family resemblance. We did a bit of research and thought it would be interesting to reprint this story.

“Marist College team finds giant fiberglass-covered head in Hudson River.
This was a bizarre discovery, even for the Hudson River. The crew team from Marist College in Poughkeepsie, N.Y., came across a large fiberglass-covered head in the Hudson’s chilly waters on Monday. Crew coach Matt Lavin approached it with caution before his team carefully towed the mysterious head to shore. “They pulled it in and it’s some kind of Styrofoam core with a fiberglass shell over it,” Marist director of public affairs Greg Cannon told ABC News… “Enough of the foam was exposed that it got water logged. It had gotten pretty heavy. Members of the team helped drag it up onto the dock.” No one knows where the head came from.”

This is the head in front of our showroom. It’s about twice the size of the example found in the Hudson.


CLICK HERE to see The SciFri interview and collection tour.

“Things of Beauty: Scientific Instruments of Yore…
For more than 30 years, Steve Erenberg has collected early scientific and medical objects and instruments. Packed with shelves and displays brimming with Victorian medical masks, surreal anatomical models, and futuristic test prostheses, Erenberg’s store/museum in Peekskill, New York offers a whirlwind tour of long-forgotten devices. While some items were shams devised by quacks, others represent the best possible treatment for their time. Regardless of its actual function, each item in Erenberg’s collection has a unique aesthetic value.”

On January first NPR aired an interview on Science Friday. At the same time there was a beautifully produced video by Luke Groskin that was shot on location and featured on their web page.

Our showroom/museum doors are open Monday through Saturday, 9 to 4
115 North Water Street, Peekskill NY 10566, 914-257-1664
Stop in… or simply check out the video.


Here is another sample of the rare lamps we have been able to acquire from an important Italian collection. We may never have the opportunity to offer so many lamps of this quality again. See this and other Italian Mid-Century Lamps from our most recent buying trip. All are now on display at…
Early Electrics
115 North Water Street
Peekskill NY 10566

If you collect Mid-Century then you already know how rare these lamps are. We just brought the two 1950s floor lamps back from our recent trip to Europe where we were able to acquire both lamps from an important collection. They are modern masterpieces and Angelo Lelli’s most ambitious designs. They were created for the celebrated Italian lamp manufacturer Arredoluce.

LEFT: This lamp features one of his iconic signature details… a pivoting and gimbaled brass eyeball. In addition it’s surrounded by orbiting rings… the look is very Space Age and influenced by celestial scientific instruments.SOLD

RIGHT: This example combines two of his most important lamp designs. The sleek conical floor lamp and the curved reflector from his sought after hanging lamp… a combination we have never seen. Its finished in a flat white and brass with a marble base. It was newly rewired.

We call these Angelo designs rare… but its beyond that. There is no record of either one ever coming to market and may even be a design prototypes… $8500 each
See this and our most recent collection of rare Italian Mid-Century Lamps now on display at…
Early Electrics
115 North Water Street
Peekskill NY 10566

January 2021