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We have one of the largest and most diverse collections of medical lighting out there. If you’re looking for a large operating room lamp to light a conference room or rent as a movie prop you’ll find it here. You may be hunting for a small and unique light for reading… That’s in stock as well. Our newest additions are pictured above. It’s what seasoned collectors consider the Holy Grail of medical lighting. The turn-of-the-century Dentiscopes are simple, elegant and very rare. It was one of the first electrified examples to replace the gas lamp for medical use. This Dentiscopes would be an amazing addition to any antique dental equipment collection, or as an interesting bedside lamp. The patina is untouched and original as well. Call for pricing.


Eames, Saarinen, Le Corbusier and Eren Berg Studios… Who said vampires don’t have good taste? The sets for the new Twilight Saga… “Breaking Dawn” run from Classic 20th Century to Edgy Contemporary. When the decorators wanted memorable lighting for their movie set they called Early Electrics. So keep an eye out for our Double Pulley Swing Arm Lamp. We now have a movie star in the family.

These floating dental sets are almost impossible to find and is one of my favorite items. It was the table and spot light a Dentist would pull out just over the patient. He could then have all his tools at hand during a procedure. Mixing old and new technology… I use a similar example as a computer laptop table in my office. The folding and adjustable arm is a complex arrangement and is an interesting example of early technology. This decorative arm is very unique and matches the lamp. Most are painted iron… but this one is solid brass and polished. The bracket swings side to side, moves up and down with a clever locking mechanism and also slides forward and back. The table is one of the nicer examples with fancy burl veneers and brass pulls. There are small draws and compartments on 2 sides. The swiveling table is 13.5″x13.5″. With the arm open it reaches approximately 47″ from the wall. The top has the original maroon felt. The polished brass and original finish golden burl veneers give this historic table a rich look. The lamp has a number of adjustments and the spot can be focused as well. If you collect early industrial and medical furniture… then you already know just how special this set is… $5200

We have a matching pair of these beautiful cast bronze and glass rod wall sconces. Perfect as front door entrance lights, vanity mirror lamps or as decorative sconces. They are elegant in their simplicity yet have a rich look. These early lamps are all heavy cast and the glass shade is made from 20 individual solid glass rods. The lamps are in wonderful condition with no broken rods and an original patina. It’s so hard to find a glass rod lamp in this condition and we’re fortunate to have a matching pair…. SOLD

We have a collection of 8 matching lamps. All are early and totally restored with polished aluminum and rewired with fabric covered twisted cord to a porcelain socket.. The arms are heavy cast aluminum and signed. Each section reads “Task-Light Reg – Cheltenham PA. Pat S193674″. Every lamp has 4 spring held joints for adjustment. The combined arm length is 32”. The shade is spun aluminum with an impressive 18′ diameter… the underside has a steel metal cover/defuser. These lamp can be mounted on the wall or ceiling. Buy one or all 8. $850 each

This amazing Detroit machine shop lamp is as rare as they get. If you collect industrial lighting then you already know how important this example is. This striking 14″ x 6.5″ delicate mirrored mercury glass shade is impossible to find intact. It’s mounted on a complex 62″ (Woodward Machine Co.) articulated arm. The unique base bracket is designed to hold the lamp pipe horizontal or vertical…. So it’s easy to mount the lamp on a desk, wall or ceiling. Every part of this lamp is unique. In fact there are no 2 joints alike on this all original lamp. The lamp is rewired to the double brass socket with twisted fabric covered wire. Included are a matching pair of real antique bulbs with “squirrel cage” filaments…. $1200

These are substantial lamps. It extends almost 4 foot long and is solid brass. The example on the left has a lamp housing and wall box that are heavy cast parts. The shades screw directly into the cast lamp housing and are designed specifically for this lamp. The 3 double elbow joints are not just friction fit… they have 4 gears on each one. The joint design is unique to this type of lamp. The base has a heavy mounting bracket and can be mounted to a table or wall. The 2 lamps on the right have an interesting eye lid type shade and a beautiful complex elbow joint. I believe all were made in England. $950 each

This is an amazing little Arts & Crafts sconce. It’s perfect for an authentic look when restoring an original cottage. The wicker and iron shade have a beautiful patina. This is the only one I have… $750

If you’re already a knowledgeable lamp collector then you understand how difficult these are to find. Some consider the Faries Company Dental Lamp the “Holy Grail” of early industrial lighting. This design came in 2 sizes. The short and rarer version is pictured above. It’s fitted with an early mercury glass shade, rewired and ready to go… Sold!

Nothing is better made or as edgy as medical lighting. They range from decorative Victorian to futuristic. What once was the focal point of an operating room is now a bold statement over a conference or dining room table.  The early-electrified examples had Japanned finishes (copper washed brass with black stripes) with milk or emerald glass shades. This style will fit comfortably in most residential settings. Then there’s the bright metal of the 1930’s to 1950’s…. it’s look is sanitary and sleek. Designs of that period could be found in aluminum, stainless and chrome and are a natural with “20th century modern” furnishings.

      The lamp pictured above is of my newest find and is one of the more unique medical lights. Originally it was designed to house and protect a Dentist’s wall mounted X-Ray tube. It no longer contains any X-Ray equipment and has been rewired with 2- 60 watt bulbs. The brass tubes protruding from the ¼” thick glass ball slide in and out and act as a dimmer shade. An interesting note about glass X-Ray shields… The glass used always starts out as clear. Only after years of use does it development the yellow color. Prolonged use eventually turns the glass a beautiful lavender…. SOLD

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