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This 3 foot diameter 16 mirror chandler is something we have never seen before. We found this example in Italy and told that it originally was used for scientific experiments with light. In addition The dial on top was for changing and focusing the mirrors. That has been fixed in one position to stabilize the heavy lass mirrors. It has an amazing Steampunk Industrial look like on other. It has been restored and newly wired for standard US bulbs.



The owners of this wonderful restored grain mill wanted to do something special. The new space was wide open and needed a big statement piece. They went to to look for ideas and found this amazing Operay Multi-Beam. It was the first thing to move in.


These impressive lamps are over 18 inches in diameter. The glass is frosted and has some iridescence to it. It hangs 20 inches deep. They were salvaged from an early bank building. Everything is original including the bronze finish. These fixtures are very elegant without being overly decorative. We have a collection of 4 matching lamps. We have never seen these before. They are priced individually at $1200 each. You can buy one or all four. See our all our newest listings on or


These lamps are full out industrial but also have a 20th Century Modern feel. They stand 25 inches tall and have a 16 inch diameter. We love the corrugated metal box on top. The most surprising part of the lamp is the huge prismatic Holophane glass lining. When lit there is a nice warmth to the reflected light. It has been rewired for standard edison bulbs. We have 4 in stock you can buy all or just one… $650 each


What other early lamp can compare to the simple elegance of white milk glass and white porcelain. This large 17 inch diameter glass shade coupled with a nicely detailed white porcelain 3 bulb cluster make a perfect combination. This is considered the quintessential lighting often found in stores and municipal buildings in the early part of the 20th century. It feels comfortable with all styles of decor… $800


dome2blogPictured above: I’m guessing that this lamp is 1930-40s. They were salvaged from an old school gymnasium. With a 19 inch diameter they’re quite impressive. The lens is a deep half sphere in heavy cast frosted glass. 12 in stock… $625 each
Pictured to the left: But that’s not all we have in stock: Heavy 17″ diameter bronze and milk glass dome… $1600 for the pair. Mini 7″ diameter dome light from 1930s bus… $750 for the pair.

Yes… we were caught like “a deer in the headlights” when we first saw pictures of this amazing chandelier. The lamp is a bouquet using 16 of our original 1915 Automobile Headlight Pendents. The lenses are all antique glass and came from early Model T Fords. Susana Simonpietri of Chango & Co. used the collection of pendents in an East Hampton beach house.  The solution is brilliant and totally unexpected. I’m annoyed we didn’t think of it first.

Steve Erenberg Prop., Early Electrics LLC

We see a ton of lighting but these striking blue acorn shaped pendents are a first for us. The blue color is soft and very pleasing. The inside of the glass is frosted and produces a nice even light. They are a good size with 7.5 inch diameters and 10 inches tall. The glass opening is large for the shades size so it uses a large cast brass fixture above. There is a collection of 5 lamps. They are priced at $475 each. Buy one or all five.

These original military lamps are quite different. They can be seen in the movie “Black Hawk Down” on and The lamps are small and look perfect hung in numbers…. As an informal group or in a line across a counter. It’s perfect for restaurant use… up for lunch lighting and down for dinner. They were used in military field tents. When pulled down it worked as a more intimate reading lamp. Raised and snapped in place in the up position it would light a larger area. The bulb socket is also unique with it screw clamp end to hold the wire. They are also priced right at only $175 each. We have 18 examples in stock.

Some consider this lamp the “Holy Grail” of industrial lighting and typical of the rare odd objects and lamps you will find on my web pages. You can’t make a more dramatic visual statement than this lamp! The cast iron ball head has 5 lenses and reflectors. Each lens has a large mirror on an out rigger frame dedicated to it. Each mirror is angled to pinpoint the light. The whole unit hangs from a single point. The lamp is “Explosion Proof” in construction and is extremely well made in thick cast aluminum. This is perfect for a dining or conference room. $3500

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