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When the designers for the new film R.I.P.D. wanted a unique collection of lighting they went shopping here. What they chose was an Eren Berg Studios original design… The floating Halophane Plate Lamp. Let us know if you spot them.

Synopsis: In the Rest in Peace Department, where the dead police officers patrol the beat of the deceased who refuse to go quietly, a newly dead cop joins up after being murdered. This cop searches for the man who set him up as he does his duty fighting fiendish creatures.


We’ve commissioned Photographer Peter Tenzer to shoot interior vignettes for our next book. It will feature industrial lighting from, combined with props and furniture from the extensive collection. All the items pictured are available at our showroom/warehouse. The Early Electrics showroom is housed in a 100+ year old industrial complex. We can’t think of a better backdrop for this project. For further information contact Steve Erenberg at

Eames, Saarinen, Le Corbusier and Eren Berg Studios… Who said vampires don’t have good taste? The sets for the new Twilight Saga… “Breaking Dawn” run from Classic 20th Century to Edgy Contemporary. When the decorators wanted memorable lighting for their movie set they called Early Electrics. So keep an eye out for our Double Pulley Swing Arm Lamp. We now have a movie star in the family.

And you thought I lived the glamorous life. Before the design sessions, treasure hunts and hard work The Black Cow is where you’ll find me. Every morning starts the same way. We’ve traveled the world and as luck would have it the best cup is right here. The only change I needed to make was the lighting over the counter. Now everything is perfect!!! If you can’t find me in my favorite chair… you’ll always see the yellow ugly mug up on the shelf behind Mr. Grant.

We are buying floor standing or ceiling mounted Operay Multibeam Surgical Lamps. If you have incomplete examples we are also interested. Contact Steve Erenberg at

Pictured above are our new large and heavy pendent style chandeliers. It was a stroke of luck when we found a signed collection of old warehoused 1930’s “Holophane” glass plates. We knew these would make an amazing new lamp and designed a heavy blackened brass and steel frame just for them. These substantial 15″x 17″ prismatic glass plates are .375″ thick and cast a beautiful glow. The finished lamp is lit buy 4 floating horizontal tubular bulbs using porcelain sockets. The look is a bit Deco, Modern and Industrial. There’s nothing like this out there… $650 each

We are now manufacturing these Frank Lloyd Wright inspired lamps using antique Luxfer glass. Each lamp has four 5″x 5″ original 1890’s “Luxfer” prism glass panels. Luxfer glass is very collectable and best known for their association with Frank Lloyd Wright. He designed and held 41 prism glass patents. This special glass was the product of the “Gas Lamp Age”. The electric lamp was not yet in use so any additional light that could be brought into a building was a great benefit. These original panels were salvaged from the front transoms of Turn-Of-The-Century buildings. There they were used to refract light hitting the building and carry it deep into the interior. The use of manganese in the original manufacturing process, combined with over a 100 years of sun light are responsible for turning the glass from clear to this beautiful purple/lavender. This lamp measures 8.25″ x 10.5″ at it’s widest point and is 4″ tall. All are heavy for their small size and use 1/4″ thick steel panels that hold the glass. It’s Illuminated with 2 round bulbs in double porcelain sockets. $475 each

We’ve been offering our unique collection of items for over 20 years. Up to now it was only found on our websites or and when the mood struck us at a design or antiques show. Now for the first time we have a “bricks and mortar” showroom. It’s literally an historic 100+ year old brick factory building. The space is jam-packed with tons of lighting, furnishings and as usual… the unusual.
We’re just 45 minutes north of Midtown Manhattan in Buchanan, N.Y. and open by appointment only.

Steve Erenberg

During the planning stages Early Electrics was called upon to build a collection of lamps using rare antique blue industrial wire glass. Our Frank Lloyd Wright inspired lamps were their first choice. The blue glass fit the studio’s color scheme and mood perfectly. They also chose our petite three cage chandelier to grace the entrance way.

Pilates Barn is Grand Opening on June 6 of 2011. After months of preparation and hard work, Lori Richardson and Andrea Van Ostenbridge now pull back the curtain to reveal a new Pilates experience in Madison, CT. At the Pilates Barn you will find a sun filled studio balanced with aqua colored walls, Blue glass industrial lighting, light wood floors, and a serene waterfall. This relaxing environment allows for full awareness of your mind and body preparing you for the intense workout that lies ahead.

Skeletal Industrial Blue Wire Glass Pendent Lamp… $550 each
Petite 3 Cage Industrial Chandelier… $750 each

This is just one example of what you can find at the new Early Electrics Studio/Showroom. We will be ready to open to the trade by appointment in a few weeks… so keep an eye on this site for our opening announcement. Our new home is located in a unique 100 year old brick factory. There you’ll find 100’s of lamps on display as well as unique furnishings and antiques. We think you’ll be surprised!
Steve Erenberg Prop.

Bulb Bouquet fixture… $1400

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