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We have one of the largest and most diverse collections of medical lighting out there. If you’re looking for a large operating room lamp to light a conference room or rent as a movie prop you’ll find it here. You may be hunting for a small and unique light for reading… That’s in stock as well. Our newest addition is pictured above. It’s what seasoned collectors consider the Holy Grail of medical lighting. The turn-of-the-century Dentiscope by Pittsburg Electric Speciaties Co of Pittsburg, PA is simple, elegant and very rare. It was one of the first electrified examples to replace the gas lamp for medical use. This beautifull all original example is mounted on the longer double jointed articulated swing arm wall bracket. The lamp itself is totally unique. It has a center mounted milk glass globe that glows. In addition there is a lensed focusing spot light that has an iris similar to those found in early cameras. This Dentiscope would be an amazing addition to any antique dental equipment collection, or as an interesting bedside lamp. The patina is untouched and original as well. All we did was replace the bulb and rewire it with period twisted fabric covered cord. What a conversation piece… $1400


This has to be one of the most beautiful medical lamps I have offered. The patina is wonderful and shows well. The heavy duty aluminum articulated arm still has it’s original dark wood-grain finish with nickel plated highlights. It extends from the wall an impressive 74″. The arm is unique but combined with this lamp it is truly something special. There are 60 mirrors inside the 17″ diameter shade. In addition there is a very thick glass donut that surrounds the light bulb. The quality of light produced by this combination gives the light a pleasing and warm glow. The lamp itself can turn and swivel in almost any direction… $4200

This is a very interesting skeletal cast iron pendent lamp… It’s also a matching pair. The milk glass disc shades have 10″ diameters and are held in a complex industrial frame. I’d guess that they date to the 1920’s. You can find this lamp plus other odd industrial lamps in the EarlyElectrics “Unique” section… $2400 for the pair.

Picture a typical industrial lamp and the first thing that usually comes to mind is green porcelain. It was the default color for many lamp manufacturers. This now helps decorators group different designs and still have them compatible. Pictured are examples of Appleton Electric’s heavy duty explosion proof lighting.
From left to right. •18″…..$800 •16″…..$875 •16″…..$600 •18″…..$950

Nothing is better made or as edgy as medical lighting. They range from decorative Victorian to futuristic. What once was the focal point of an operating room is now a bold statement over a conference or dining room table.  The early-electrified examples had Japanned finishes (copper washed brass with black stripes) with milk or emerald glass shades. This style will fit comfortably in most residential settings. Then there’s the bright metal of the 1930’s to 1950’s…. it’s look is sanitary and sleek. Designs of that period could be found in aluminum, stainless and chrome and are a natural with “20th century modern” furnishings.

      The lamp pictured above is of my newest find and is one of the more unique medical lights. Originally it was designed to house and protect a Dentist’s wall mounted X-Ray tube. It no longer contains any X-Ray equipment and has been rewired with 2- 60 watt bulbs. The brass tubes protruding from the ¼” thick glass ball slide in and out and act as a dimmer shade. An interesting note about glass X-Ray shields… The glass used always starts out as clear. Only after years of use does it development the yellow color. Prolonged use eventually turns the glass a beautiful lavender…. SOLD

This lamp sits over my dining room table and I’ll never part with it. I’ve always thought that Vaseline Glass makes the most beautiful shade. Its yellow-green color has a pleasing warm rich glow. I look for shades with simple elegant lines and little or no added decoration. The color alone does it for me. These lamps are a natural with Arts & Crafts furnishings.

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