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Architects, Designers and Decorators have found us and we’re making it easier for them. Nowadays you can find a Starbucks coffee shop on every corner. On the web is almost as easy to find. We just opened a new store front on and are placing some of our latest finds there. You can also see us at and

We all know being easy to find is never as important as offering the best. Pictured above is the latest addition to our one-of-a-kind collection of antique furniture. This versatile table is adjustable and can go from a standard table height of 29″ up to a bar table height of 43″. The 200 plus year old table top has a 32″ diameter with 2.5″ thick hand-wrought iron banding and the original 2.5″ thick well-worn wood insert. The wood and iron have an amazing patina that only centuries can produce. The finish was simply hand waxed. The long curved tapering tripod legs are as substantial as the table top. They make a very solid table and still give this piece of industrial furniture a light elegant feel. The table still has the 3 original industrial casters… always a help… SOLD

Note: This table is shown with a glass top option. I thought this table also looked perfect with a glass top. It comfortably holds a 54″ round. If wanted, we can supply a glass top in any thickness or edge detail you require and have it shipped directly to you… crated properly and fresh from the factory. Call for an estimate.

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