Machine Age Frosted Dome Pendant and sconce…
We found a large collection of early frosted dome shades. This inspired us to design a new lamp around them. The look is a bit Industrial, machine age with a hint of Art Deco and the overall feel is very modern. We were very excited when the first example went together. Yes we excite easily! The dome has a 7.5 inch diameter.
Pendent $425, Sconce $450



Writer Joel Heumann is a local Realtor & big booster of Peekskill.

I stopped in front of this place several times in the past few months, peering in through the reflected glare at the treasures inside. Tried my best to take some photos. Those shots could best be described as “artsy”; meaning you can’t make out much, but you like it anyhow.
A few weeks ago, the window announced that the place was called “Early Electric”. Googled it. Nothing useful. How could a joint with such cool stuff fly so far under the radar?
This past Monday a guy inside noticed me & opened up. Finally! It was even better, far better, than I expected.
Steve Erenberg and his son Daniel own ‘Early Electrics‘… with an “s”, and its sister company ‘Radio Guy’. Internet searches being what they are, that extra “s” makes all the difference.
Steve is a retired Madison Avenue advertising exec. He & Dan bought the 1880’s landmark building at 115 North Water Street, gutted and transformed it into a showcase and work space for Early Electrics as well as Steve’s odd collection of antiques and curios. The key to its appeal lies in Steve’s gifted eye for the slightly macabre mixed with some steampunk aesthetic and a healthy dollop of Industrial Age modernism and great placement of the items in a beautiful old space.
Early Electrics makes up over 50% of the Erenbergs’ business. What they do is restore antique lighting; take antique or industrial artifacts and re-purpose them as antique-style lighting and design retro lighting fixtures from scratch. Most of their business comes via, designers and decorators, who can, for example, order 100 or more units at a time for a new restaurant. The recently opened Hudson Room restaurant at 23 S. Division Street, right around the corner from The Paramount Theater here in Peekskill had their lighting designed and built by Early Electrics.
Steve’s collection takes up most of the display space, and it’s more fun to go through than any antiques store and most museums I’ve visited. Masks and helmets, posters and walking sticks, medical and anatomical ephemera… simply a hodge-podge of offbeat yet tasteful items share space with the lighting displays. Again, designers and decorators make up most of the clientèle, yet interestingly, pieces are frequently rented by TV shows and movie production companies. Steve has also been a guest expert on shows like American Pickers and Oddities.
Check out their websites at and The storefront is open “by appointment or serendipity”; meaning “if the door’s open, great”…

Early Electrics and Radio Guy Showrooms
115 N. Water St, Peekskill

R&B star John Legend and his wife, cover girl Chrissy Teigen, find a rhythm all their own at an intimate Manhattan apartment designed by Don Stewart. Early Electrics Provided the lighting for their new kitchen island. These original ” Large Plate Holophane” lamps were designed by Daniel Marc Erenberg.


This was a nice story with very good pictures and a short video interview… Hope I didn’t make a fool of myself.
To see the whole thing go to this link (Journal News- Early Electrics)
It’s always best to visit in person. The new Early Electrics & Radio Guy showroom is located at:
115 North Water Street
Peekskill, New York 10566

Steve or Dan Erenberg

This is an early pair of carriage lanterns. They are a matching left/right pair or mirror image pair. The 7 inch diameter convex lens is thick beveled glass. The side lights are curved beveled glass. The finish is untouched and shows an aged patina. Highlights on the lamp are nickel plated. They have been updated to take a standard bulb and fitted with a cast brass canopy to cover the electrical box…. $1500 for the pair.


Some consider this type of lamp the “Holy Grail” of industrial lighting and typical of the rare odd objects and lamps you will find on my web pages. This is the first example we have ever seen. It’s a smaller version of the revolutionary Opery Multibeam operating room lamp. Its designed to send multiple spots of light to a single point on a table. This allows the surgeon to work with no shadows. The 4 cast metal articulated lamps have 4 corresponding reflector mirrors. Each concave mirror is articulated as and can be angled to pinpoint the light. The whole unit hangs from a single point. The parts are all cast and machined… This lamp as with all medical equipment was costly and overbuilt. I was told that this may have been used in a Veterinarians office. You can’t make a more dramatic visual statement than this lamp! The lamp is rewired and ready to use… SOLD

The diameter of this example is 17 inches. This lamp was recently salvaged out of a Masonic theatre and dates to 1924. The original mirrors and frame were untouched for 90 years. The lamp is also signed with an imposed brass plaque. We have a few of these in stock… $1200 ea


We have always sought out and offered a nice selection of Frink and Wheeler reflector lighting. To find one or two examples was always a great find. This last Masonic temple salvage has filled the showroom and warehouse with a truck load of originals. Samples are all on display at our new showroom… The Early Electrics Building, 115 North Water Street, Peekskill NY 10566. For more information call Steve or Dan at 914-257-1664

• Pictured above is one of fifteen matching and signed 26 inch diameter Frink pendents. Each has a Benjamin 4 bulb cluster… $1300 per

Lately we’ve been very lucky finding the rarest Wheeler and Frink reflectors. These are unique and make a very different looking sconce. I have never seen this configuration before. The bottom has a round opening that must have originally fit over an oil lamp. We wired then to take a bulb for everyday use but left all the original weathered paint. The look is great. These are now listed on 1stdibs. They are also on display along with a large collection of other I. P. Frink and Wheeler reflector lamps in our Peekskill Showroom. Early Electrics Building, 115 North Water Street, Peekskill, NY 10566, 914-257-1664

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