It happens more often than you think. 1000’s of cheap disappointing knock-offs from China or India show up on line and in stores every day. We stopped looking over our shoulders years ago. When retailers like Restoration Hardware, who call themselves “trend setters” need to follow new trends they use our website and showroom for research. When they lack the vision and need to add something new to their line they simply steal it and copyright the designs as their own. Some call that a complement, but its really desperation. Most of our buyers are decorators, designers and architects. If you take pride in your work and sweat every detail to get it right then you already understand how frustrating this is. The court of public opinion has the toughest judges. The companies that live off the backs of others hard work should not be rewarded. Early Electrics is a small innovative lighting company. Our design studio has credentials that go back to Raymond Loewy and Philip Johnson. We will never run out of ideas. Here at Early Electrics you will find antique lighting, original designs using antique parts and trend setting limited editions of our own design. Almost everything offered can only be found in our showroom/studio and on our website. We do not manufacture and wholesale to other stores. For that reason we have become the fresh source for architects and interior decorators. It’s easy for us to stay ahead of the curve because the ideas start here. When you love what you do it just comes naturally.
Steve and Dan Erenberg