Some consider this type of lamp the “Holy Grail” of industrial lighting and typical of the rare odd objects and lamps you will find on my web pages. This is the first example we have ever seen. It’s a smaller version of the revolutionary Opery Multibeam operating room lamp. Its designed to send multiple spots of light to a single point on a table. This allows the surgeon to work with no shadows. The 4 cast metal articulated lamps have 4 corresponding reflector mirrors. Each concave mirror is articulated as and can be angled to pinpoint the light. The whole unit hangs from a single point. The parts are all cast and machined… This lamp as with all medical equipment was costly and overbuilt. I was told that this may have been used in a Veterinarians office. You can’t make a more dramatic visual statement than this lamp! The lamp is rewired and ready to use… SOLD