AAARRR! Anything can happen on the Peekskill Waterfront! Early today a couple strolled into our new showroom calling themselves Pirates. They were dressed the part and claimed that their ship was docked right outside… “We just sailed up from Florida”. I had to take this picture because proof would be needed. By the end of the day and armed only with their curiosity, the whole crew paid us a visit. They call themselves the “Caravan Stage Company” and it’s Cirque du Soleil meets Occupy Wall Street. These Pirates were friendly but not big spenders.
Shows are at the Historic Peekskill Landing – 8:30PM, September 4,5,6 and 7, 2014.

Radio Guy and Early Electrics Showrooms
45 minutes north of midtown Manhattan
115 North Water Street, Peekskill, New York 10566
Steve Erenberg, 914-257-1664