Our latest buying trip yielded some of the best finds yet. Pictured above are 2 different styles of mini spot pendents. These are “NOS” or new old stock lamp shades… meaning they are old but were never used. The smaller style are copper and brass. The interiors are silvered and an iron ring holds a textured glass lens. It’s 6″ long including the brass socket and has a 3.75″ diameter. We have 24 in stock. The silver spot is brass and aluminum. The shade is a bit larger at 5.5″ tall and a 5″ diameter. The shade is just short enough to reveal the antique bulbs tip and make it part of the overall design. We have 20 in stock. All these lamps work well in numbers… hung as an informal group or in a straight line over a table or counter. Buy one or the collection at just $200 each.