These floating dental sets are almost impossible to find and is one of my favorite items. It was the table and spot light a Dentist would pull out just over the patient. He could then have all his tools at hand during a procedure. Mixing old and new technology… I use a similar example as a computer laptop table in my office. The folding and adjustable arm is a complex arrangement and is an interesting example of early technology. This decorative arm is very unique and matches the lamp. Most are painted iron… but this one is solid brass and polished. The bracket swings side to side, moves up and down with a clever locking mechanism and also slides forward and back. The table is one of the nicer examples with fancy burl veneers and brass pulls. There are small draws and compartments on 2 sides. The swiveling table is 13.5″x13.5″. With the arm open it reaches approximately 47″ from the wall. The top has the original maroon felt. The polished brass and original finish golden burl veneers give this historic table a rich look. The lamp has a number of adjustments and the spot can be focused as well. If you collect early industrial and medical furniture… then you already know just how special this set is… $5200