EarlyElectrics has one of the largest collections of antique workman’s cage lamps in stock. Still, that’s not enough. When architects and designers specify quantities of matching lamps, antiques are usually not possible. After many requests we have designed and produced a line of 4 unique cage lamps and 4 cage lamp sconces. These lamps are not just reproductions, but original designs that are heavier in construction and a bit larger than those early examples. The designs measure from 12.5″ to 15″ long. The handles are turned in hardwoods that include Cherry and Ash. All are hand assembled and special care is taken with each to produce their weathered patina.

If you are fortunate enough to attend the celebrated “Outside Lands 2010” event August 14-15 in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park… Check out the Wine Lands tent. It’s now illuminated with over 100 of our new cage lamp pendents.