Nothing is better made or as edgy as medical lighting. They range from decorative Victorian to futuristic. What once was the focal point of an operating room is now a bold statement over a conference or dining room table.  The early-electrified examples had Japanned finishes (copper washed brass with black stripes) with milk or emerald glass shades. This style will fit comfortably in most residential settings. Then there’s the bright metal of the 1930’s to 1950’s…. it’s look is sanitary and sleek. Designs of that period could be found in aluminum, stainless and chrome and are a natural with “20th century modern” furnishings.

      The lamp pictured above is of my newest find and is one of the more unique medical lights. Originally it was designed to house and protect a Dentist’s wall mounted X-Ray tube. It no longer contains any X-Ray equipment and has been rewired with 2- 60 watt bulbs. The brass tubes protruding from the ¼” thick glass ball slide in and out and act as a dimmer shade. An interesting note about glass X-Ray shields… The glass used always starts out as clear. Only after years of use does it development the yellow color. Prolonged use eventually turns the glass a beautiful lavender…. SOLD