This large impressive 1800′s lamp is 64 inches tall and 40 inches wide. When it comes to lighting we normally look for simple and industrial but sometimes whimsical is just right. This is a fine example of the blacksmiths art. Every part is hand hammered. The fact that the left and right sides match is testament to the craftsman’s skill… $2400


For years Early Electrics has pioneered the repurposing of industrial lighting in homes, shops and restaurants. For us the hunt for early utilitarian lighting can go back to the gas era. Some of our most unique finds were made well before the turn of the century. The trick is converting the lamp to electricity with out destroying its character. If you can’t live with those mass produced reproductions… Talk to us.
To see what is now available go to: 1stdibs or EarlyElectrics

The first thing that struck me was this lamps Seuss like whimsical quality. The glass globe is mellon shaped and covered with florial engraveing. There is also some very difficult brass metal work in this hand made lamp. Its a special lamp and one I have never seen….$1600

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I once had hair down to my shoulders and a long mustache so “Hipster” I understand. On the other hand “Zeitgeist” is a new one for me so we needed to look it up. I like it so much there may even be a new T-Shirt in our future. If you want to see the rest of the story and pictures go to Maine Antique Digest Article. Tell them the Hipster Zeitgeist sent you.


The owners of this wonderful restored grain mill wanted to do something special. The new space was wide open and needed a big statement piece. They went to to look for ideas and found this amazing Operay Multi-Beam. It was the first thing to move in.






For those of you who have been calling and emailing… We are working as fast as we can. and will soon have a fitting home for their showroom gallery, workshop and design studio. At this moment the 1880′s landmark building is in the process of restoration. We are located facing one of the prettiest views of the Hudson River and just 45 minutes north of midtown Manhattan in the Historic Peekskill New York Waterfront District.


It happens more often than you think. 1000′s of cheap disappointing knock-offs show up on line every day. We stopped looking over our shoulders years ago. When retailers like Restoration Hardware, who call themselves “trend setters” and Murray Feiss Lighting, who call themselves “designers” need to follow new trends they use our website and showroom for research. When they lack the vision and need to add something new to their line they simply steal it and copyright the designs as their own. Some call that a complement, but its really desperation. Most of our buyers are decorators, designers and architects. If you take pride in your work and sweat every detail to get it right then you already understand how frustrating this is. The court of public opinion has the toughest judges. The companies that live off the backs of others hard work should not be rewarded. Early Electrics is a small innovative lighting company and design studio with credentials that go back to Raymond Loewy and Philip Johnson. We will never run out of ideas. Here you will find antique lighting, original designs using antique parts and trend setting originals of our own design. Almost everything offered can only be found in our showroom/studio and on our website. We do not manufacture and wholesale to other stores. For that reason we have become the fresh source for architects and interior decorators. It’s easy for us to stay ahead of the curve because the ideas start here. When you love what you do it just comes naturally… but I do wish we were better writers.
Steve and Dan Erenberg


From the start we were drawn to the simple elegance found in utilitarian objects. In addition there needs to be a unique and different feel to every object we pick. Thats what draws us to these gas age lamps. Not the ornate but the simple turn of the century examples found in stores, train stations and municipal buildings. We have rewired them to take standard light bulbs. These lamps have a quality and charm all their own. We have an amazing collection in stock.


If you search the internet for this this Adams-Bagnall street lamp you will find out just how rare these are. They are on every lamp collectors wish list. It’s nice to hang a rare lamp but it still needs to look great as well. I think this was one of the most striking industrial lamps made. It is a street light… but it has a sence of style rarly found in municipal lighting. I’m amazed that it still has the original 12 inch diameter 120 year old glass globe… as well as the blue porcelain shade. Its easy to spot a very early glass globe. It has a unique color all its own. The use of manganese in the original manufacturing process, combined with over a 100 years of sun and carbon arc light are responsible for turning the glass from clear to this beautiful subtle purple/lavender. These 1800s lamps were in use before the light bulb was introduced. Everything has been rewired for home use and is now illuminated by a cluster of 5 antique style filiment candelabra bulbs. The lamp is signed and dated on a brass plaque… $3300

Some History….
The AB hanging copper arc lamp was designed and patented by Thomas E. Adams for the Adams-Bagnall Electric Co., Cleveland, OH. Mr. Adams was considered an expert in erecting and repairing General Electric light apparatus. during the 1880′s he patented numerous improvements on electric light and railway systems, including the wood segment commutator of the brush dynamo; the brush-adams arc lamp, the double pole trolley, etc. in 1895 he became associated with others (former workers of the brush/swan incandescent plant) in the organization of the Adams-Bagnall Electric Company.


If you’re already a knowledgeable lamp collector then you understand how difficult these are to find. Some consider the Faries Company Dental Lamp the “Holy Grail” of early industrial lighting. This design came in a number of sizes and we have most of them….

Top: This is one of the largest examples they made. It reaches out over 5.5 foot from the wall. It’s fitted an 8 inch mercury glass mirrored shade. The copper/black Jappaned finish is one of the best originals I’ve seen. Everything is rewired and ready to go… SOLD  1stDibs

Center: This is the smallest example they made and we have a pair of them. It reaches out over 36 inches from the wall. It’s fitted with an 8 inch black mercury glass mirrored shade. The polished brass finish is perfect with it. These lamps came in a brass or Jappaned finish. As clean as the brass is… I think the finish may be original as well as retaining the perfect original wire and paddle switch. It may be that this lamp was in storage all these years and never used. That’s over 110 years… $2400 1stDibs

Bottom: This is the largest example they made and has the added swivel pipe attachment. It reaches out over 5.5 foot from the wall. You never see the original magnifier shade on these lamps. This example still has the shade and its signed… Sterling Dental, 1904. The copper/black Japanned finish is one of the best originals I’ve seen. The only thing we needed to do was put a fresh wire and plug on it… SOLD 1stDibs


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