New York’s newest waterfront park is finished and opened to the public yesterday. Here’s a view of our 150 year old landmark brick building from the park. It’s the new home of Radio Guy Antiques and the Early Electrics Showroom. The whole building is packed with treasures. We like this view best but if you turn around… the Hudson River views are almost as amazing. The new Peekskill Landing Park also sits next to Riverfront Green Park and the Peekskill train station. You can even catch a train at Grand Central Terminal and get off at Peekskill. When you visit our Historic Waterfront District be sure to check out the Peekskill Brewery, Lincoln Depot Museum and yes… Frank Baum’s original Yellow Brick Road.

You can visit us at… 115 North Water Street, Peekskill NY 10566

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AAARRR! Anything can happen on the Peekskill Waterfront! Early today a couple strolled into our new showroom calling themselves Pirates. They were dressed the part and claimed that their ship was docked right outside… “We just sailed up from Florida”. I had to take this picture because proof would be needed. By the end of the day and armed only with their curiosity, the whole crew paid us a visit. They call themselves the “Caravan Stage Company” and it’s Cirque du Soleil meets Occupy Wall Street. These Pirates were friendly but not big spenders.
Shows are at the Historic Peekskill Landing – 8:30PM, September 4,5,6 and 7, 2014.

Radio Guy and Early Electrics Showrooms
45 minutes north of midtown Manhattan
115 North Water Street, Peekskill, New York 10566
Steve Erenberg, 914-257-1664


We love early masonic lodge, playhouse and theater lighting. I’m guessing this one is from the 1920s. The interiors of these buildings were as theatrical as the stage productions themselves. They are always over the top dramatic. This example has an over sized central frosted glass acorn shade. The decorative body of the lamp is ringed with 6 exposed bulbs in the marquee style. It’s horse-hair plaster finished in different gold tones. Some of plaster high points show a bit of wear. It’s not a distraction and does add to it’s antique character. The size is dramatic with a 24 inch diameter and 34 inch tall…. $2200


I’ve been doing this a while and in all the years have never got my hands on a rare one like this. The double mirrored ring of reflectors has a 36 inch diameter. The original fuel tank holds 10 lamps and is crafted from ten 3 inch diameter brass tubes. Each joint is mitered to create a large continuous ring. The tank still shows some go the original pin stripping. The lamp even has the cast iron 6 arm chain hanger. Every lamp has been converted and wired for light bulbs. It’s ready to go. These lamps were mostly found in the lobby of an 1800s play house or government building. They don’t get showier than this. This and 100s of antique lamps now hanging in our new showroom. 115 North Water Street, Peekskill NY 10566 . 914-257-1664

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It would be a lie to say that Early Electrics lighting stole the show at Westchester’s newest restaurant opening. We did help but the real star was Louie Lanza’s Hudson Room itself. Perfectly located in Peekskill’s Artist’s District and right next to the historic Paramount Theater… this large bright exciting space is filled with surprises. The menu is eclectic, the baby grand is Ferrari red and the walls are covered with original Andy Warhols. The restaurant and bar have a sophisticated Manhattan vibe without taking itself too seriously. It’s a breath of fresh air for New York foodies. Our first dishes were amazing and I’ll need to eventually try everything. But Louie’s Pink Clam Chowder is one I’ll come back for every time. I love my soup almost as much as my lights.
Steve Erenberg


Peekskill’s historic waterfront district was alive with activity. Thousands from all over Westchester New York were drawn to one of the Hudson Rivers largest firework displays. It seemed like the perfect time to open our doors. The new showroom has a front row seat on the river and the street was packed. We were almost as big a draw as the show. It won’t go to our heads… The new found popularity was mainly because of our clean restrooms. Call for showroom hours.

Early Electrics
115 North Water Street
Peekskill, NY 10566

Steve & Dan Erenberg

For those of you who have been calling and emailing… We are working as fast as we can. and will soon have a fitting home for their showroom gallery, workshop and design studio. At this moment the 1880′s landmark building is finished and we are just starting to dust off and set things up. We are located facing one of the prettiest views of the Hudson River and just 45 minutes north of midtown Manhattan in the Historic Peekskill New York Waterfront District. Pictured above is just a sneak peek of this 8000sf building.
Steve Erenberg – 914-257-1664


This large impressive 1800′s lamp is 64 inches tall and 40 inches wide. When it comes to lighting we normally look for simple and industrial but sometimes whimsical is just right. This is a fine example of the blacksmiths art. Every part is hand hammered. The fact that the left and right sides match is testament to the craftsman’s skill… $2400


For years Early Electrics has pioneered the repurposing of industrial lighting in homes, shops and restaurants. For us the hunt for early utilitarian lighting can go back to the gas era. Some of our most unique finds were made well before the turn of the century. The trick is converting the lamp to electricity with out destroying its character. If you can’t live with those mass produced reproductions… Talk to us.
To see what is now available go to: 1stdibs or EarlyElectrics

The first thing that struck me was this lamps Seuss like whimsical quality. The glass globe is mellon shaped and covered with florial engraveing. There is also some very difficult brass metal work in this hand made lamp. Its a special lamp and one I have never seen….$1600


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